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DCR Online is a brand new community radio station located at Criffel View in the grounds of The Crichton and founded by Graham Anderson and Fiona Jones. The not-for-profit station broadcasts music, promotes local events, groups and organisations; and reflects the latest news for the community of the town.

Fiona Jones (Station Manager)

Born in Sunderland in 1964, Fiona left the United Kingdom as a young child and grew up in South Africa.

Fiona was a high-end fashion model in both Johannesburg and Cape Town and co-owned fashion boutiques with her mother by the age of 22. Her adventurous spirit had her working and travelling around the world for five years before returning to South Africa in the early '90s. Using her valuable travel experience, she became Marketing/PR Manager to a world-renowned travel organisation concentrating on the backpacker industry throughout Southern Africa.

Moving back to the UK in 1998, Fiona was at the cutting edge of on-demand television when she joined Video Networks as an Executive Assistant, leaving when the company was bought out by Tiscali in 2008.

Actively involved in various charity groups and a master at organising large social events, Fiona joined Alive 107.3 as their Social Media Manager, before leaving so she could put her vast knowledge and skills to good use by being at the pioneering edge of digital community radio.

Graham Anderson (Station Manager)

Born in Dumfries in 1968 - attended Dumfries High School. Graham has been a successful businessman owning two companies that specialised in engineering and manufacturing equipment for the UK Fire and Rescue Services.

He has supported many charities and organised many events raising thousands of pounds for local charities over the past 20 years.

Graham's first radio show was a charity show highlighting many local charities and raising awareness for their cause.

He started to present his drivetime show and became a very popular presenter both on-air and off-air hosting many prestigious events in and around Dumfries.

Graham is the local pioneer of being seen - as well as being heard - on the radio; with his very popular Facebook Live feed, which is the future of many radio stations success.


Darren Andrews is a local teacher and regularly attends local and national gigs as well as rock and metal festivals. Darren, along with his co-host Chris Walker, helps promote bands and festivals throughout Dumfries and Galloway as well as other places in Scotland and Britain such as Wildfire, Heavy Scotland, Rockmantic, SOS, Hard Rock Hell, Winterstorm and Seven Sins Festival.

Darren likes various genres of rock and metal from AC/DC, Black Sabbath, The Cult, Guns N Roses, WASP, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth, Testament, Lawnmower Deth, Mac Lads, Sisters of Mercy, Rob Zombie, Black Spiders to name but a few.

Darren also loves discovering new bands and enjoys highlighting news bands on his show Heavier than Metal which is broadcast live every Friday night at 9 pm.


Chris is a local hotelier who has lived and worked in Dumfries and Galloway for the past 25 years. A once regular face on Border TV where hosted his cookery show “Spoon with a view” in the early ’90s.A man of many talents, he is a keen sea kayaker and a fantastic drummer. A regular gig and festival goer he admits that he didn’t fall into the stereotypical metal fan category and was once mistaken for the bus driver when returning with fellow metal fans from the Hellfest Rock Festival in France. “I’m a huge believer in never judge a sausage by its skin” (his words, not ours).

You’ll find Chris co-hosting Heavier than Metal with Darren Andrews on Friday nights between 9 pm – 11 pm.


Rob is Dumfries born and raised, he started his broadcasting career in 2017, bringing his very eclectic mix of music and comedy style presenting to the airwaves.

Growing up through the internet boom, Rob made many worldwide friends, and as such, his musical influences grew beyond the usual mix of Top 40 playlists and occasional TV presentations of more obscure bands, something that becomes evident when listening to his show. Working Progress could be described as an 'alternative music show although that would probably be doing it a miss-service. Rob brings to the fore bands that are easily as accessible as the big names though have yet to have their 'big break' so it's entirely possible, you'll hear them here first.

As well as hosting his weekly show, Rob is also a stand-up comedian and comedy promoter organising and comparing his monthly gig Raw Guffaw, which brings the best of the comedy world to Dumfries.

Rob is also an illustrator and cartoonist having worked on a newspaper cartoon strip and topical cartoon for over 10yrs; he now concentrates on print work with his unique take on portraits.

He currently lives with his partner and singing dog.

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